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About JupiterShop - New

How often has it happened  that you've walked into a store, chosen something that you particularly liked, only to hear the salesman say, 'Sorry, this isn't available in your size', Arghhh ! If you've experienced this more than a few times, then its time to say Eureka !

The founder of JupiterShop has shared the same frustration as yours' and is determined to change things. JupiterShop is India's first specialised big & tall store. Scouting helplessly from store to store, awaiting relatives, friends or yourself to travel abroad, will all be part of history.

Unlike other retailers, we maintain a handsome inventory in hard to find sizes. Authentic products across renowned brands are available at your fingertips. Not only that, JupiterShop delivers convenience to your doorstep. With free shipping, cash on delivery and free returns adopting to online shopping has never been more tempting.

So if your size is above average, we welcome you to our big & tall family.