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kartik ganesh - Pune
Jupiter Shoes has been a real life saver for me over the last five years. I used to struggle to find shoes my size in India and had to get relatives to carry them back from abroad. The range, prices and customer service have been fantastic so far. Keep up the awesome work!
Badrinath M A - Chennai
At last I found a shop that can fulfil my need for big size shoes that are wider. The product that I ordered was delivered in excellent condition and in a timely manner. Keep up the great work Jupiter Shop.
Krishna - Trivandrum
Im so thankful to jupitershoes for providing me with size 14 shoes at a reasonable rate...Ive had a tough time finding shoes of my size be it formal or sports etc...The sub categories of extra wide and regular etc help the customer to have a accurate idea as to determine which shoe to buy...I hope jupitershoes in times to come can provide a sports/formal/semiformal shoes of size 14...Thanks jupitershoes...Im your customer for LIFE..!
Smiti - Secunderabad
I never thought i could order footwear me i have reaaallly wide feet and experience if shopping with jupiter was quite surprising. I am thankful that they keep my size... jupiter shoes continue spreading awesomeness ..request you to introduce an app and also tailor made shoes for people who would want their type of design.
Aditya - Guntur
I used to purchase shoes which I dont like.......Due to non availability of my foot size shoes in retail shops. Usually retail shops will be having a limited quantity of Big size shoes so though we like or not we have to select from those limited styles of shoes and it was a ill experience for me. but now through Jupiter I had selected my own shoes with my own interest and liking. Thanks to had made my shopping easy and proud.
Muhammad Aamir N - Chennai
I'm very impressed. I was suffering to get 14 size shoe for a very long time .. At last Jupiter shop helped me I'm totally impressed my suffering is gone .. And quality of the shoe is awesome and perfect fit Thanks to Jupiter shop and deliver was quick ...
Ananthakrishnan V S - Thrissur
I really had tried every site online that I knew for a shoe of my size,but was disappointed. I went to jupitershop with low hopes,since its relatively unknown,but was surprised to see the prompt and wonderful delivery that they did. You've got a frequent shopper on your hands now jupitershop! Kris
Pleasantly surprised with the professional approach...Excellent support and Most Importantly timely delivery of shoes that I wouldn't have got anywhere else!!! Keep it up Guys!!!!
Prabhav Singh - Lucknow
I love this website. The shoes I couldn't get anywhere are here. Moreover, there is COD, shoes of branded companies as well as the easy manoeuver around the website really helps a lot. Thank you Jupiter Shop.
Narayanan - Bangalore
Without this shop, I would have been forced to settle down with a size of shoes that would neither fit me by width or length. More than the options, I would rate the service higher - I think that is more important and you guys just do it great! One fix that might help will be to mark shoes by width. The Nike I ordered initially was listed under extra wide but was not wide at all! But my request to exchange it for an Asics was promptly executed by Support and now I have happy feet!!
rustom dalai - Mumbai
jupiter shoes has been a life saver :) great service excellent choices.
Kothandaraman babu - Pondicherry
Reasonable price...Prompt delivery...Big sizes...Best brands...Superb service....whatelse one could expect from an online shopping...!! You are the best...Thanks and keep up your excellent service...Kudos!
Abishek Sanjay Prabakar - Coimbatore
Great Shopping Experience. Easy and cost-effective shopping.
Prabhakar - Pune
Excellent Service..... Really feel better.... Keep it up.....
Barath Srikanth - Pondicherry
Amazing job guys... finally got a site which s a boon for tall men like me..
Arun Varma - Chennai
Your site is a Godsend for individuals like me with big feet. Now no more searching or desperation. Thank you.
Avinash - Mumbai
I had ordered my crocs slippers as I was not getting my size anywhere. I not only got the perfect size but also got it within 24 hrs Amazing collection#Quick Delivery#keep it up
AP - Pune
Received a crocband flip today and going to place an another order already:-). It was a headache finding a right size shoes for my brother but, a great relief finally. Very thoughtful of you to provide and extra bag, to be used in case of a replacement. Hope you maintain the good service. Wish you the best:).
Raghavendra Rk - Hyderabad
new to know this awesome site
sangeeta shetty - Mumbai
Hi just saw the footwear. Impressive
Rajkumar VP - Vellore
Please carry Merrell shoes with 12 extra wide sizes. They sell 'em in zappos. Thanks for the great site.
Hey dear this is my humble appeal to you please form a group / network of guys having shoe size UK 13 and above .So that we can enjoy our big feet with honour .
Kunderp Khambhatta
Very few Variants and colours of plus size shoes are available.
madhav - Vishakapatnam
Thank you jupiter shoes.It was very hard for me to find formal shoe of my size.Tried every where in my locality .Finally i got to know about you.Just received my shoes, it fits my foot.
Thank You Guys. This is the first time, I bought a shoe OFF the Shelf :-) , and it fits me fine. Please consider a 10-15% reduction in price. I promise, I will buy a couple of pairs more :-)
Ragnesh Kalathia - Vadodara
This is a boon to me . I always had to get my shoes from US due to my shoe size issue , , Moreover the customer care department is fantastic. It's really personalised ,
thank you. a very big one. I had so much trouble in buying my choice of shoes in my size. But your website, :-) . I finally got me something I like in my size in India itself. Great idea, you are filling a big gap in this category for people like me. and the shoe reached me on time. XOXO.
shweta bhandary - Mumbai
This site is and absolute god sent for me. i have been struggling to get shoes my size and had to invariably order shoes from abroad. Excellent service too,i received the shoes the next day after ordering.
Sagar Shah - Vadodara
Jupitershoes just delivered flip flops from crocs. Really impressed by the superfast shipping. Got my order within a day of the shipping. Also a pretty nice collection. But hope they keep expanding it. It has been a big relief to finally get the the right size.
Kiran - Pune
Well done Jupiter Shoes. A facility greatly needed by people with large feet . Keep it up and looking forward to more interaction.
chinmay Dabholkar - pune
A big relief now..
Pratik Satpute - Pune
For every single fellow Bigfoot out there, this site has come as a saviour for every time we need a pair of shoes that don't make my feet feel like they're stuck in a pressure cooker.
Udit Jha - Jaipur
I am extremely delighted to have come across this site. You are a boon to me. I have large number in shoes size and everytime i used to curse that why i have large shoes size as i also had no option of ready made shoes. Choices were very limited to me but after having come across this site...i can say that i also have options...Thanx Jupitershoes :) !
sidharth mohanty - Bangalore
As long as Jupiter shoes exists I will have a pair of shoes in my feet....
Andrew Paramanandam - Secunderabad
I am delighted. It's been years and years of struggle Until I came across this site. Was delighted to my pair of shoes (Egos). Loving it. All leather, fits perfect. Thank you guys. Great job.Keep up the good work. Keep bringing in more & more (Egos).
Prateek Bansal - Faridabad
You are a Saviour!!! I have been looking for shoes for myself for Size 13 all my life... After finding this site..I ordered 2 pairs in the past week...The shoe fits great.. Though I would recommend that Lues brand should improve their quality of the shoe.
Akhil - Bangalore
I've probably been the longest time user of Blessed with UK13.5~14, I had lost hope of wearing shoes. Searching for footwear used to be a pilgrimage which would last days, if not weeks, I had become so desperate that if I saw a person with big feet, publicly, complete stranger, I would go upto them and ask them where they got them for. And would be dismayed with the obvious, 'My cuz/rel/sibling who lives in the US'. I had almost decided I am going to wear shoe boxes for the rest of my life. Then one day, I found in some press coverage, and that's the day my love for footwear began again. We are truly descendants of Saboo who was from Jupiter. And boy are we proud. Thank you so much for having me wear fashionable shoes and not cardboard boxes. And most of all, making me feel hopeful about the future.
Mruthun Rijkaard - Coimbatore
Finally! A place in India where I can shop for shoes. There are absolutely no options for people with shoe sizes above UK 12 anywhere in India. I'm so glad to have found this website! Until now I was ordering shoes in the US and having someone bring them when they came. Now I can buy shoes when I need them and not have to wait for months! (Foot Size : UK 13)
KARTHIK S - Bangalore
Most of the retail outlets and even online websites rarely have an option for people like me whose size is UK -13...jupiter shoes is the only place where i can get my size....last time i purchased a nike lunar fly....and the fit was purchasing of luck jupiter ....hope u add more designs and models.
Raja Guru Thirumavalavan - Chennai
Jupiter shoes have come in as a perfect footwear solution for me, my shoe size is UK12 and my nails suffered and got repeatedly traumatized with years of wearing undersized shoes. Of late, I have to wait for some of my friends from abroad to get some footwear for me and needed to protect my shoes as I do not know when my next pairs will arrive. It's great that there is a provision in India to buy shoes of my size. The service from Jupiter Shoes is fantastic, the delivery time is impeccable, the handling of the feedback/request is great. Would like to wish Jupiter shoes the very best.
Saikat Bhattacharya
For men like us,well over 6 feet tall,it is next to impossible to find shoes that fit,most stores stock up to size 10 and that's about it,to get UK size 14 shoes sitting at home is truly a treat,highly satisfied,no complaints,have recommended this site to other friends with big feet and family members,wish you all the very best for the future Jupiter Shoes!
Arun Varma
For years, I have suffered from calloused feet from wearing footwear too small for my UK size 12 feet or had to compromise for terrible looking shoes. Jupiter Shoes has quite literally made my day. The service is excellent. The pricing is quite reasonable and more than anything else, I have my size and I have OPTIONS! I definitely recommend this to all the long suffering Indian men.
Yashpal Sharma
Loved the quick service, choice available on the site, product recd was as described etc. didn't need to use the exchange offer but given the testimonials here, I am sure it should be hassle-free if I need to use this facility in my future orders. Will highly recommend to friends with big feet
Siddharth Radhakrishnan, -Bangalore
"Did online shopping for the first time , skeptical before but now super happy. The floaters fit perfectly and I don't have to face salesmen who just throw a shoe at me and say that's the only one in your size, take it or leave it. Thank you jupiter shoes, your service was quick and the product was in perfect condition."
Sandeep Prasad, -Howrah.
"First of all the concept of an online shopping site for people with big feet is amazing..Have had the experience of liking a shoe ,but not finding the right size innumerable times.. Had purchased a sports shoe and a Croc and the experience was amazing..Let me see how the return policy works..If they do what they say..super like the website".
Pratik Dhall, -Delhi.
Thanks guys, it as great shopping with you'll. The returns process was also hassle free. Cheers!
Joel Vincent. -Mumbai.
This is a super awesome shopping portal for guys with big feet. Not only do they have a good number of options available, they also provide great service in a timely manner. I needed my shoes the same day that I ordered as I had to leave town the next day. And they delivered! Mark me down as a long time customer guys at jupiter and keep up the great work. Cheers!
Sachin, -Bangalore.
U guys rock man!!you have shown all us big foots a "SHOE PARADISE",thanks you Team Jupiter shoes for the awesome service the personal interaction ,the fast delivery i can go on and on about u all !!BIG FOOTS dis is your place ,Keep up the good work guys !!cheers!!
Shreekant Pandya, -Ujjain.
"Amazing........really thanks a ton... u understood our pain... i lost all hopes to get a desired shoe for myself...... this is something great and social you are doing... keep up the good work... thanks a lott".
R Arvind, -Bangalore.
First of all I would like to thank you for the prompt response to any complaints/queries raised. I'm so glad about the customer service provided so far, its so amazing about you guys. Your service to big footers is much needed. Keep going.
Harit Mehta -Chandigarh
Well, Its been 2 years, when I have been wearing those stupid leather shoes of no style or anything. I was damn desperate for my feet to get a pair of sports shoes.. And, jupitershoes helped me out. My search to the eternity ends here! Thanks a lot, whosoever made this website. MAY GOD BLESS YOU LIKE ANYTHING! WE, THE GIANT PEOPLE ARE PROUD OF OURSELVES FOR OUR HEIGHT AND ALL, BUT WHEN IT COMES TO SIZES, WE FEEL EMBARRACED.. AND YOU.. JUPITERSHOES.COM,, KILLED THAT EMBARRACEMENT! -CHEERS!!!!!
Kittu -bangalore
Finally our own desi web site for shoes online. Amazing got fed up of carrying shoes of different colors and makes from the US of A. Only thing that you guys need to add is moccasins of different colors and look for budget stuff also as it will cater to all sections of the society and for people who can't afford the Rs 2500/-and above budget.
Amrit, -New Delhi.
Thank you jupiter last after a long time i have got something nice to wear and i hope more variety are introduced in sneakers...Thank you jupiter shoes...!
Mithun D'souza, -India.
I am so exciteddddd!! Yay for jupiter shoes. You have no idea how happy i am someone finally started this. I have been dying to find shoes my size for the last 15 years and have depended on friends and family coming back from overseas for footware. Wooohoooo!!! In fact, i just ordered 6 pairs on Zappos and am picking them up on my trip to LA. But my next lot is definitely coming from you guys.
Sumer Bora, -India.
I want to thank you Jupiter Shoes for changing my life literally, size 13 was impossible to get otherwise , Please keep up the good work and god bless you.
Karush Jaggi, -Mumbai
I haven't bought yet, but I know my entire foot robe is going to come from here in the near future. Thanks for starting this!
Siddhartha Unni -Bangalore
I just bought a lovely pair of black slip on shoes and it was delivered within 1 day. I must say first and foremost that I'm super impressed with the service and a heartfelt thanks to Jupiter, you are a savior for us big footed people. I have one suggestion though and I'm sure you guys are already working on it - "Please do have more options on size 14, very limited at the moment." But keep on rockin', thank you!
Indy -Mumbai
I placed an order for Adidas shoes size 12. It was a hassle for me every time to find shoes of my size but thanks to Jupiter shoes my worries are over. Earlier I didn't had much of a choice and had to go for the any make and type I could find after hrs of looking around but now I can choose from variety of brands. Keep up the good work guys, all my shoe purchase is coming from this site. I will be proud to spread the word about this wonderful website!!!
Shashank -Jaipur
I am a satisfied customer. Request you guys to introduce a larger range especially Moccasins and Slip Ons. Thanks
Puneet Yashod -Mumbai
Since the availability of shoes and sandals for me was not enough and hardly any variety to looks for in brands with US 14 size.I was happy to see Jupiter shoes with a large variety.Ordered for Sandals which fit me perfectly , now will order for shoes.Perfect Shopping experience.Thanks Jupiter Shoes for the niche service you are offering !